JY Power 45.6 Ah Lithium Car Audio Battery (12 Volt LiFePO4)


45.6 Amp Hour/606 Watt Hour Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

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4 packs per battery

Specs per pack, can be configured in 3 orientations
Length= 4.78”
Width= 3.20”
Height= 5.25”

Battery Spec

Weight: 16lbs
Float Voltage= 13.3v
Maximum Recommended Charge Voltage: 14.8v

Maximum operable voltage with decrease to cycle life 16.8v

45ah modular 13.3v discharge spec w/ 300-600a of alternator

7,500w-11,000w 12v+

14,000w max continuous discharge w/ 600a alternator

Temperature range -40F-140F, operable to 185F with decrease in cycle life. Not recommended for under hood use


Additional information

Dimensions 4.57 × 1.81 × 7.28 in