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Look, we get it. Batteries are confusing as hell.

Don’t worry – we got your back. We made this blog to answer these questions and much more, but NONE of it works without you. Your questions drive our answers – both in this blog and out in the lanes. It boils down to a simple equation:

Your Input + Our Brains = Great Gear

Notice the very first part of that math. You. Tell us what is working, what needs more explanation and what sucks. No. Holds. Barred.

I’m Travis Young, Co-Owner of JY Power. Every week, we’re going to give you more info about Lithium batteries for every style of car audio system.

How long will they last if you run SQ, SPL or Demo? How much power will you really get to the system? Why we built the batteries the way we did and much, much more.

Read the article. Ask your questions.

Let the games begin.